Free Multi Source Feedback for UKPHR specialists

Public Health England (PHE) has funded the use of two approved and validated Multi Source Feedback (MSF) tools appropriate for Public Health practice to UKPHR specialist registrants working in local authorities, and in academic settings* (*with PHE Academic Honorary contracts in place).

This is to support the wider Public Health system and to provide UKPHR specialists with the opportunity to undertake MSF in advance of the implementation of revalidation.

If you are interested in taking this one-off opportunity, please register with one of the providers using the links provided. PHE have purchased a limited amount of licences in order to access these tools so access is available for a limited time.

The two different options are as follows:

RMS Medical 360 Feedback Questionnaire – register at

(Aimed at public health consultants and equivalent level roles, who aren’t necessarily at senior level nor who have large teams working for them but who want to use a very public health focussed questionnaire)

Talent Innovations Inspiring Leader Questionnaire – register at

(Aimed at senior leaders who have large teams working for them and their remit is very broad. This product isn’t public health focussed necessarily. This would be chosen by a Director of Public Health, for example)

It is up to the individual to choose which tool they feel is most appropriate to their role.

Why would I use one of these tools?

An insightful MSF will help you to increase your self-awareness, identify your strengths and areas for development, and to identify activities that will enable you to improve your performance, work more effectively and progress. Then you’ll be able to reflect fully on this as part of your next Personal Development Plan (PDP).

How many raters do I need?

15 responses will give you useful feedback. It is advised to approach 25 – 30 people to ensure this number of responses. Raters should be selected from all the settings in which you work. Raters should always include your line manager(s), with other categories of rater as the MSF tool indicates, to include people who directly and indirectly report to you, and a wide selection of peers and colleagues, usually from both within and outside the organisation for which you work.

And remember…

Don’t be tempted to ask only people who you think will provide good feedback – you will learn more from people who are willing to provide open and honest feedback.

Do ask people who have been able to observe you working, and who therefore have a realistic idea of your behaviours.

Speak to your raters before the launch of the survey and encourage them to be open and honest. Reassure them that the results will be anonymous and confidential.